Julia Nee Chu | “Near and Afar” | Solo Exhibition


 Near and Afar


 Opening reception April 9, 2016 6-8pm

 “Near and Afar” runs April 9 through June 11, 2016

FP Contemporary is pleased to present Julia Nee Chu’s solo exhibition “Near and Afar”. This is Nee Chu’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles in over 20 years.

“The purpose of my paintings, large or small, has always been to take the viewer along with me on a shared journey of experience and feeling that allows them to observe the multiple changes of plane and intensity of colors and paints. This is especially true in my recent small scale Portraiture-Like works.

The focus of my painting has always had to do with nature or rather, the processes or movements of nature. One cannot copy nature, but through the process of painting one can experience the transformation of nature.

What is nature to me? The Chinese philosophy of nature is to find universal orientation. The elements of nature are earth, wind, water and sun. From the processes of nature or the physics of nature come matter, motion, space and mechanics and then the human elements. Human beings are just one small element of nature’s processes. Therefore, we are an integral part of nature and through the positive/negative, Yin and Yang, we arrive to become part of the unifying whole.

In China, the purest form of art is calligraphy. The spirit of the brushstroke, also called touch, is spontaneity and finality. Spontaneity is a reflection that comes directly from the mind. Finality is when ink touches paper. It cannot be erased.

The process of touching the paintbrush to the surface of the paper is called time. Time spent cannot be returned, so the process is precious. Therefore, the act of writing becomes a sacred act. This is why Chinese consider writing a way to exorcise evil. I drop paint on the surface of paper or canvas and leave marks to build up the density of time. This creates a universal space.

The brush (touch) movement is an important element of my painting. Movement is the force of transformation in nature. So my act of painting is not only about recreating a feeling of nature, but nature itself.

My act of painting is a dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious and the orientation of myself to the world” – Julia Nee Chu

Julia Nee Chu was born in Shanghai, China and currently lives and works in Santa Monica, California.


B.A., University of California, Los Angeles, California, 1978

M.F.A., University of California, Los Angeles, California, 1981

Art Studies, CHOUINARD Art Institute (Cal Arts Valencia, CA), 1960