John Randall Nelson’s “Weird, Weird West”

“Weird, Weird West”

Solo Exhibition

John Randall Nelson

March 18 – April 29 @ FP Contemporary

“Weird, Weird West references the iconic theme of the Wild West, where regional icons Jackrabbits, raindrops, Peyote buttons and Narco hip-hop are the obvious subject matter. The Western frontier was once viewed as the borderland between the known and the unknown, the lucid and the obscure… cue the Sun, but not in a good way. In a region where the landscape resembles a parched wasteland that stretches from horizon to horizon, it is shade that is sacred. The summer sun appears to fill the entire sky, on its own, and we keep marching forward moaning, ‘water, water…’ ”

– John Randall Nelson

Keep Trying To 94x94 19500

John Randall Nelson, “Keep Trying To”, mixed media on panel, 94 x 94 inches

Time Travel 36x48 5900.jpg

John Randall Nelson, “Time Travel”, mixed media on panel, 36 x 48 inches

Oh Lawdy 23x19 1600

John Randall Nelson, “Oh Lawdy”, 23 x 19 inches, mixed media on panel

When Willie Went West 72x96 15000

John Randall Nelson, “When Willie Went West”, 72 x 96 x 2 inches, mixed media on panel

Rosa Babylon 41x60 John Randall Nelson

John Randall Nelson, “Rosa Babylon”, 41 x 60 inches, mixed media on panel


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