Harry Moody’s connection to Nature

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Harry Moody, Abstract Clouds #307, 30 x 30 x 2 inches, Oil on canvas


“All of my paintings are foremost inspired by nature. When I paint​​​​​​​​​, I do not try to simulate nature in a recognizable representation. I use nature as a point of departure. The actual painting process is a metaphoric journey with allegorical attributions. I catch myself inserting “life” without attaching figurative associations, conceptual forms or themes. Life in the sense as a summary (past, present and maybe future) of who I am. While painting, feelings flow, such as fears, frustrations, inhibitions, anxieties, also joy, contentment and gratitude. Along with feelings, memories of past experiences, failures and accomplishments, manifest themselves.” – Harry Moody


FP Spotlight – Harry Moody

Harry Moody’s current solo exhibition “Untitled” will run at FP Contemporary until April 7, 2018.

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“Abstract with blue #281”, 48 x 50 x 2 inches, oil on canvas


Harry Moody received his formal training as an artist at the Frankfurt Stadel Fine Art Academy in Frankfurt, Germany. Karl Otto Götz, one of his earliest mentors and one of the most important members of the German Art Informel movement, encouraged Moody to enter the school. He majored in Free Painting under the Professors Johannes Schreiter, Thomas Bayrle and Josef Beuys. In 1985, also at the Stadel Academy, he was introduced to the works and philosophies of the then residing Guest Professor Gerhard Richter who eventually profoundly influenced the artistic direction that Moody was to embark on. During this period he engaged with internationally renowned artists who would come to be known as key figures in New European Painting movement among other notable contributions.

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“Abstract Tour de Force #194”, 72 x 72 x 2 inches, oil on canvas

At an interlude of his artistic career Moody gravitated toward the discerning and esteemed positions in the art world as Fine Arts Dealer, Gallery Owner, Membership in CINOA, Appraiser, Conserver/Restorer, participant in numerous Art Fairs in Maastricht, Koln, Munchen, Frankfurt, author and art critic for Art-i-fact, freelance curator for the Bellevue Art Museum, Seattle, Ukai Museum, Tokyo and for privately owned collections, and was on the Board of Trustees at the Seattle Fine Art Academy.


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“Abstract Clouds #307”, 30 x 30 x 2 inches, oil on canvas

He has pursued a dialogue concerning art ideals through out his aforementioned responsibilities in the art world and eventually returned to the necessity to express himself artistically. Included in his artistic achievements to date are numerous exhibitions and recognitions which bring to the forefront the legacy of his schooling among leading German artists who have left their mark in art history. He is a member of the Pasadena Society of Artists, Pasadena, CA and the Abstract Artist Gallery USA.


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“Abstract and Icebergs #322”, 54 x 54 x 2 inches, oil on canvas

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Gerhard Richter, “Eisberg in Nebel”


As a student of Gerhard Richter, Harry Moody drew inspiration from many of Richter’s art work and personalized it with his own aesthetic and details. The images shown above is a comparison of artworks from both Moody and Richter. “Abstract and Icebergs #322” was inspired by Richter’s “Eisberg in Nebel” meaning ‘iceberg in mist’.

Harry Moody’s current work can be seen at FP Contemporary. His current solo exhibition “Untitled” showcases abstract oil paintings, all created within the new year. The show ill run till April 7th. Click the link for a sneak peek.

“Untitled” sneak peek

For more information on Harry Moody and “Untitled” please visit www.fpcontemporary.com