Artist Spotlight- Hunt Rettig

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Hunt Rettig, a self taught abstract artist, is known for 3d assemblages that give the illusion of 2d illuminated digital images. Since youth, Rettig has had a general interest in kinetic art movement, which has fueled his inspiration and creative process. 

Rettig explores  geographic and psychologic terrain, in efforts to discover “familiar patterns that connect us as one.” The biomorphic shapes seen in his work suggest sensual elements that can be found in nature. “If it didn’t exist if it didn’t resonate, we wouldn’t be here.” – Hunt Rettig


Artist Spotlight – Dirk De Bruycker

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Dirk De Bruycker was born in Belgium in 1955. Early on in his art career, he focused on drawing and printmaking, and eventually transitioned into abstract painting. De Bruycker painted with what he termed “internal emotional colors” allowing the viewer to have a visceral and emotional response when viewing his paintings in person. De Bruycker’s paintings are oil and mixed media, including asphalt, gesso and cobalt drier on canvas.

“Colors resonate psychologically.  I tend to use colors that I associate with inner life.  From the sensual to the melancholic, from a fragile beauty to mourning.  I mean it has to say something about the human experience.” – Dirk De Bruycker

De Bruycker passed in June 2016. His work is in the permanent collections at The New Mexico Museum of Art, Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, MO and prominent private and public collections around the world.
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Dirk De Bruycker, “Rupture”, 72 x 60 x 2 inches, mixed media on canvas

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Dirk De Bruycker, “Pentas – II”, 72 x 60 x 2 inches, mixed media on canvas

Artist Spotlight – Christina Craemer


Christina Craemer is a photographer and painter based in Los Angeles, CA. Her paintings and mixed media photography capture the calming effects that she observes in nature, whether waterfalls, trees, etc. The end goal of Craemer’s work is to help the viewer find a sanctuary for meditation when viewing the work. Craemer’s work can be found in prominent public and private collections around the world.


Wild Rose Tantrik

Christina Craemer, “Wild Rose Tantrik”, 76 x 58 x 1.5, mixed media on canvas

Artist Spotlight – Julia Nee Chu

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 5.34.02 PM.pngJulia Nee Chu is a contemporary artist born in Shanghai, China , 1938, currently painting in Santa Monica, California. Nee Chu’s work revolves around nature and the movements of nature. The shapes of color and textures created within her paintings are a reflection of the physics of nature, motion, and human elements. Her work can be found in the Hong Kong Museum of Art and prominent public and private collections around the world.

“The focus of my painting has always had to do with nature or rather, the processes or movements of nature. One cannot copy nature, but through the process of painting one can experience the transformation of nature.” – Julia Nee Chu

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Julia Nee Chu, “Turning Blue”, 54 x 54 x 1.5 inches, acrylic on canvas